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Greenville – Imprints of a City
CityStory’s coffee table book, “Greenville- Imprints of a City,” offers a modern narrative of Greenville, told through thoughtfully crafted words, iconic images and select stories collected from individuals and businesses that have added their imprint to our overall story. It is not intended to be a history book, nor a travel guide. Instead, it is a snapshot of the city as it is today; filled with images that ignite the imagination and insightful stories you’d hear at the best of parties.

The Numbers:
12”x12” hardcover, 220 pages, 100 silver and black ink images of Greenville businesses, structures and landscapes with stories and quotes by her citizens. To learn more “Greenville – Imprints of a City” please contact CityStory at



It isn’t everyday that I’m presented with an artistically crafted tool for local businesses to connect with their community. This impressive book of Greenville stories and images will offer a fresh approach to establishing and extending their relationship in a powerful way.”  -Mayor Knox White